Carbonation Control

Carbonation of Concrete :- A major factor in concrete decay is carbonation, caused by Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere reducing the alkalinity of concrete. This in turn results in reinforcing steel becoming susceptible to attack by water and oxygen, causing corrosion of the steel and eventually spalling of the concrete. Sulphates from vehicle exhausts and chlorides from de-icing salts also contribute to concrete degradation.

Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere reduces the alkalinity of concrete. The alkalinity of concrete is typically between pH12 and pH13, at these levels the highly alkaline nature of the concrete results in the formation of a passivation layer on the reinforcing bars, preventing corrosion. A drop in the level of alkalinity to a pH of below 9.5 eliminates the passivation and protection, making the concrete susceptible to attack by water and oxygen, leading to corrosion of reinforcing steel and eventually spalling of the concrete.

Methodology :- Barrier Coating. Increasing alkalinity of Concrete

Process :-The Keim concrete repair system is based on cementitious and mineral constituents and is suitable for all forms of concrete substrate.The system consists of a range of materials that provide protection to both the concrete and steel reinforcing bars.

Minerals Paints :- Unlike conventional film forming acrylic 'barrier coatings', Mineral paints bond by penetration (silicification) of the binder into the substrate. A strong, permanent bond is created between the paint and the underlying substrate (e.g. render, natural stone, concrete). This potassium silicate binder is highly resistant to weathering, ensuring an extremely long-life protective finish, reducing the frequency of re-decoration cycles. Keim mineral paints do not flake and the binder does not disintegrate under the effect of UV light. They are resistant to acid rain and industrial pollution.

Concrete Cleaner :- Acidic concrete cleaner for the removal of release agents and surface impurities from concrete.

Keim Silan Primer: A silane based water repellent for use as a priming coat with Keim silicate paints to provide maximum resistance to water penetration without impairing the breathability of the substrate. Keim Silan 100: Solvent free silane primer offering very high levels of water repellence and protection from deicing salts.

Concretal MKH :- Mineral cement based corrosion protector and bonding mortar. Keim Repair Mortar: Pre-bagged non shrink cementitious repair mortar for large scale concrete reparation works.

Fine Finishing Mortar:- Pre-bagged cementitious fine finishing mortar for crack repair, filling of blow holes and surface equalisation.