Corrosion Control

There are a number of means of controlling corrosion. The choice of a means of corrosion control depends on economics, safety requirements, and a number of technical considerations. The AC&I has a group of trained corrosion professionals who can provide guidance on corrosion control

Design- Engineering design is a complicated process that includes design for purpose, manufacturability, inspection, and maintenance. One of the considerations often overlooked in designing Structure is drainage.The corrosion of the Steel Elements above could have been minimized by providing Safety against piping effect in structural Concrete.

All of the other methods of corrosion control should be considered in the design process.

Material Selection :- Selection of material quality and there proportions are primarily points to design a structure. Durability of Corroded Elements and there response to strength are factors we focus on. 

Protective coatings :- Protective coatings are the most commonly used method of corrosion control. Protective coatings can be metallic, such as the galvanized steel or they can be applied as a liquid "paint." Most of the research and testing of protective coatings at the AECS Engineering and Geotechnical Services PVT LTD is related to paint-like protective coatings.

Inhibitors and Other Means of Environmental Alteration :- Corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that are added to controlled environments to reduce the corrosivity of these environments. Corrosion inhibitors include the chemicals marinate on steel elements to make them less corrosive. Most of the AECS Engineering and Geotechnical Services PVT LTD corrosion inhibitor research involves the effectiveness of inhibitors added to protective coatings.

Corrosion Allowances:- Engineering designers must consider how much Steel is necessary to withstand the anticipated load for a given application. Since they can make mistakes, the use of the structure can change, or the structure can be misused, they usually are required to over design the structure by a safety factor that can vary from 20% to over 300%. Once the necessary mechanical load safety factor has been considered, it becomes necessary to consider whether or not a corrosion allowance is necessary to keep the structure safe if it does corrode.

Cathodic Protection :- Cathodic protection is an electrical means of corrosion control. Cathodic protection can be applied using sacrificial (galvanic) anodes or by means of more complicated impressed current systems.