AC&I has recently stepped into the field of controlled dismantling. As an expert on dismantling RCC structures, we offer precise slitting, cutting, drilling, and sawing of reinforced concrete, masonry and natural stone structures. Using advance equipment ensures the integrity of the existing structure. Slitting tools can be used for installing electric cables and conduits in concrete, masonry and sand lined block.

METHODOLOGY :- Measure of weak point + Calculation using Specific Technique + Safety + Mock Exercise +Execution in controlled Manner.

Process :-

Floor Saw (For Sawing R.C.C. up to 320mm deep)

Wall Saw (For cutting walls/ Slabs/ Columns/ Beams up to 710mm depth)

Wire Saw (For cutting almost anything and everything up to 7.5mtr circumference) 

Diamond Core Cutter (Up to 500mm dia. Core & length up to 2.5mtr)

Underwater Wire Saw (For cutting under water)

Buster(For demolition of heavy foundation/column/beam, with 265 tones pressing force)

Crusher (For crushing of R.C.C. slab with force up to 30 tons & wall of thickness up to 300mm)

With a gamut of equipments and a trained team, we perform dismantling in least time and with maximum efficiency. We take special measures in a project where the structures are functional and require extra care. Our team of engineers and executives are always approachable to analyze the typical needs of controlled demolition at your premises.