Seismic Retrofitting

"Design of a World Bank Building being Seismically Retrofitted"


Seismic Analysis of building
Identifying gaps for structural Integrity
Earthquake Lateral load Analysis


Stadd pro and Etab Design
Design of Constraints
Anchoring and Rebaring


Restoration of existing Structure
Expansion joints
P-Delta Analysis

Extent of damage to a building caused during an earthquake depends not only on the magnitude & duration of the tremors, but also on the building configuration, foundation conditions, accuracy of the design, type of construction & quality control during execution.

Buildings are vulnerable to damage during earthquakes under the following situations:

The structure of the building may not have been designed and constructed to resist seismic forces.

The condition of the building has visibly deteriorated due to ageing or for poor quality of construction.

There have been additions of floors or modifications to the building without proper structural analysis and consideration of load calculations.

The soil condition was not investigated / properly treated during the design and construction of the building.

The recent updating of building codes has rendered structure of existing buildings not in conformity with the provisions of latest codes.