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ADHAR CONSULTANCY AND INFRASTRUCTURE (AC&I) is a pioneer company in the field of instrumentation and monitoring through state-of the-art vibrating wire instruments and other types too. AC&I provides excellent and quality services that will help the projects in realising efficient and economical design and construction of civil engineering structures. Our services include Geotechnical Investigations, Rock Mechanics, Slope Stabilization, Ground Improvement, Geophysical Investigation, Concrete Technology, Non-destructive Testing of Structures, Field Instrumentations and Project Management for the benefit of power, transport, building, and industry sectors.
We are motivated by the simple fact that our success is tied to your success. Our team comprises professionals who provide specialized skills and expertise to your assignment in a timely manner. We can help move a project along in a timely fashion.

AC&I has many building instruments the details are below:


The tilt plate is a disc about 120MM in diameter. It is fixed to the structure with grout or screws. The four pegs on the tilt plate are used to orient the tilt meter. Horizontally-mounted tilt plates allow tilt readings in two planes that are 90 degrees apart. Vertically-mounted tilt plates allow tilt readings in one plane.

Building Settlement

Point:The building settlement point is to be embedded/ fixed to a vertical member to monitor the vertical settlement/ movement of any structure. It consists of a male anchor fitted into thea nchor socket which in place is usually embedded / fixed in a column / wall of thickness greater than 80mm. These points are best monitored using digital level equipment for the most precise readings.

Bi-reflex Target:

The bi - reflex target is made of a rigid plas t i c mater ial which is robust. The reflector is mounted on circular f r a m e and the frame is mounted on adjustable semicircular rigid frame with the help of two screws. This allows rotating and fixing the direction of target. The target has cross mark on it to allow the precise targeting by a total station


The crack meter is suitable for measuring the width of crack in two directions i.e. in sides and in Up & Down. This is very simple and accurate instrument to monitor the hair crack. The mechanical crack meter is made of polycarbonate transparent sheet with graduated marks. The both sheets will be assembled on crack with the help of fasteners.